Rehearsal Spaces

There are two completely soundproof rehearsal rooms here at The Yellow Submarine.

Built as a room within a room with double insulated doors, the rehearsal rooms allow for even the loudest bands to blast away without disturbing shows in the concert hall next door, as intimate and quiet as they may be.

Being primarily a home for musicians, we have set up ideal conditions to hold rehearsals in. For your convenience the rooms are acoustically tuned, and are well-equipped.
It is also possible to hold rehearsals on our concert hall stage, only during available hours when regular Submarine activities aren’t taking place. Our hall contains some of the finest sound and backline equipment available in the country, and we recently received a brand new crisp sounding KAWAY grand piano.

You don’t have to be an entire band to use our rehearsal space. Anyone and all instruments are welcome to practice without worrying about driving the neighbors crazy.

Reservations can only be made via our office: Sun-Thurs between 10AM – 6PM at phone number +972 2 6794040

Rehearsal Room

As mentioned, the submarine has two rehearsal rooms:

– The first, simply called “Rehearsal Room”, is the classic rehearsal room of the submarine, located directly in front of the submarine’s bar.

This room fits a maximum of eight musicians and costs NIS 70 per hour. A L/R room recording of your rehearsal session is available at no additional cost.

Click here to see the room’s full list of equipment.

– The second, popularly called “The Class”, is a spanking new rehearsal room located in the submarine’s “Zik” space. This room is also used as a classroom for high school students studying in the yellow submarine’s music school major program in which they will take their music final exams.

This space can hold up to 30 (!) musicians and costs NIS 80 per hour. A L/R room recording of your rehearsal session is available at no additional cost.

You can also do a professional multi track recordings of your rehearsal session in the class for an extra NIS 100 per rehearsal.

Click here to see the class’s full list of equipment.

Rehearsal bookings are made only through the office, which is open from 10:00-18:00 on Sunday through Friday. Call 02-6794040.

Please note that on Saturday/holiday, -starting at 5:00 p.m. on Friday/holiday evening and ending at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday/holiday evening – booking is for a minimum of 3 hours .

Sunday – Friday 5pm

Between 10AM – 1AM(+1)

Saturdays and Holiday Eve

3 hour minimum

Concert Hall

Our hall is the perfect place for a serious rehearsal. Equipped with the finest sound and lighting gear, and held to an international professional standard, the hall comes with a large wooden stage, a full backline and a brand new KAWAY grand piano. The hall can be used to simulate a concert for video purposes, lighting technicians are available, as is multichannel recording of your rehearsal. It is also ideal for big bands, orchestras, choirs etc.

Price List:

Monitor only rehearsal, all hours, all week – 100 ILS /hour.

PA rehearsal with technician – 165 ILS /hour.


Grand piano use – 25 ILS /hour. Fourth hour and onward are free.

Lighting tech for video – 400 ILS (extra charge will apply on Saturdays\ holidays) up to 6 hours. 60 ILS (extra charge will apply on Saturdays\ holidays) for every extra hour. Must be arranged at least a week in advance.

Photography – 2,000 NIS – 4 cameras, 1 photographer, routing, recording to computer and/or camera’s memory card , broadcast – up to six hours, including setup and lighting directions. 200 NIS for each additional hour.
Video editing – 1,200 NIS for up to eight hours of editing work plus two rounds of corrections.

*During sabbath / holidays, starting at 5PM on Friday / Holiday Eve, and up to 6PM at the sabbath / holiday’s end, rehearsal reservations have a 3 hour minimum.

List of equipment:
Click here to see the full equipment list of the submarine’s concert hall.

Practice Room

Want to practice solo on the drums or piano?
No worries. Bring the noise.

Drum practice (1 person only) – 25 ILS /hour, subject to availability.
Piano practice (1 person only) – 25 ILS /hour, subject to availability.
Reservations can be made via our office during office hours Sun-Thurs at 10AM-6PM by phone at +972 2 6794040

Cancellation Policy

Rehearsals can be cancelled with no fee up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled time via phone call to our office during office hours Sun – Thurs at 10AM – 6PM.

In the event that a cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the rehearsal, but before the day of the reservation itself, a cancellation fee will be charged at the sum of 50% of the reservation’s value.

Cancelling on the same day of a scheduled rehearsal will incur a fee equal to full scheduled price.

Reservations can be made via our office during office hours Sun-Thurs at 10AM-6PM by phone at +972 2 6794040

Additional info:
02-6794040 ext 2
Or leave you details
  • [For example: show arrangment, recording studio, school of music, ctc.]
Rehearsal Spaces
Rehearsal Spaces
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