Queenta Woman Jazz Festival

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Queenta-  a Jazz Festival dedicated to female creation. From across the world to Israel, from known international female artists to innovative, inspiring, local female creators. Three days of beauty, grace, and sensational talent.

Featuring: Carolina Cohen & Ariacne Trujillo Durand (international concert, Cuba), Anat Fort & Mayu Shviro, Chen Levy in tribute to Shoshana Damari, Meital Waldmann & Nitsan Kolko, Stav Achai, Julia Feldman & Hagit Goldberg, Inbar Fridman, Ariel Bart, Katia Toobool & Hadar Noiberg.

Thanks to its female and male musicians, Israeli Jazz evolved to be one of the most leading and thriving music scenes in the world. For many years now, Israeli musicians create and perform in the finest festivals across the world. Numerous Israeli Jazz Festivals have been founded over the years, promoting and allowing the genre’s richness to spread and flourish, ever expanding beyond the typical conception of Jazz.

Nonetheless, the presence of female creation is scant. This Festival is the first of its kind to be dedicated solely to original female creators, outstanding musicians who dictate the tone as it is heard in Israel and abroad.

Over three days, leading female musicians in alternating ensembles will give the spotlight to the great variety of the genre. From original Israeli Jazz to Free-Jazz, Latin, Hip-Hop and Classic American Jazz from the early 20th century. Finally, the festival will offer original productions uniquely designed for the festival and tributes to memorable, prominent historical female musicians.

Our full line-up:

Tuesday 24.5

Ariacne Trujillo Durand & Carolina Cohen “Furies”

Opening Concert – Latin Jazz

Ariacne- Native of Havana, Cuba- A Phenomenal musician, fascinating on stage. Cuban salsa-jazz singer & pianist, inspiringly masters the piano, lightly maneuvering her voice between classic Latin tradition and jazz & soul nuances.

Arrived in the US in 2002, Ariacne is considered a virtuoso pianist and singer in New-York. Acknowledged for concerts in the finest Jazz Festivals across the world and musical collaborations with great artists such as: Paul Simon, Winton Marsalis & the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Johnny Pacheco, Paquito D’Rivera, John Scofield, Issac Delgado and Esperanza Spalding. 

Joined by Carolina Cohen- A known and sought-after Argentinian percussionist and singer- Ariacne will perform modern original Afro-Cuban music, combining jazz standards and Cuban folk music. 

Concert concept- Afro\Cuba\Argentina\Salsa\Party!


Inbar Fridman

Love Songs

Inbar Fridman, international jazz guitarist active in the field in Israel, New-York and Europe for the past 20 years. Performing her original music in ensembles across Europe and Israel, Inbar takes part in international music projects, alongside the legendary drummer- Billy Cobham- among others.

Characterized by sophistication and subtilty, Inbar’s music is internationally praised in journals. Her improvisation demonstrates profound technical mastery along with lyricism and melodiousness. Emerging from traditional jazz foundations, she incorporates textures and colors of Pop music and individual style. Inbar’s art poses a gateway between jazz eras and movements, as well as between the genre and the audience. 

Besides her deep familiarity within the phrases and scales of the jazz world, Inbar composes her own wild and passionate music: captivating, intriguing poetry in fine Hebrew.

Together with her original composition, Inbal will combine both worlds.

Guitar (Inbar Fridman), keyboard (Katia Toobool), drums (David Sirkis), electric bass (Eli Or), vocals (Vered Dekel).

Concept- Intimate\Chill


Stav Achai


Stav Achai, piano & keyboard player, composer and arranger, leading an original music ensemble. 

Both great performers, composers and groove lovers, Roni and Stav are well known in the jazz scene.

They have never performed together, making it inevitable for them to finally meet 

on stage. 

Piano (Stav Achai)

Concept: curiosity and fireworks!


Wednesday 25.5

Anat Fort & Mayu Shviro

Music Without Limits

Anat Fort, pianist. For nearly 20 years, she has worked with the finest musicians in New-York and became the first Israeli Jazz artist with an ECM recording contract. To her, improvisation isn’t just a tool for self-expression, but a way of life. 

Mayu Shviro, cellist, composer and musical arranger.

Since she has been exposed to Turkish and Arab music, Mayu discovered an intriguing world, very natural to her. She explores and profounds her path within the Maqam world together with teachers from Greece, Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan. 

Mayu also studied privately Ottoman music with the Yayli Tambur player- Yvgenius Vulgaris.  

This concert will be their first, intriguing encounter. 

Piano & cello duo. 

Concept- innovative\intimate\fascinating\loose\sensational 


Ariel Bart


Ariel Bart, chromatic harmonica. 

Performed with the finest Israeli artists, such as Shlomo Gronich, Miki Gavrielov, David D’Or, Atraf band, Achinoam Nini, and as a soloist in collaboration with the Jerusalem Orchestra East West. Bachelor graduate in jazz performance of the New-York New-School. 

Her debut album, “Between In”, was released in May 2021. An exquisite, original album, comprising of clean sound and personal statement. 

Ariel will perform her first album, with a glimpse to her upcoming new album, already recorded, scheduled to be released in coming October.

Harmonica (Ariel Bart), double-bass (David Michaeli), drums (Amir Bar-Akiva), piano (Stav Goldberg), cello (Mayu Shviro). 

Concept: innovative\original\moving.


Meital Waldmann & Nitsan Kolko’s Big Band, featuring Hillai Govreen

Big Band!

Meital Waldmann, Israeli jazz singer, performing locally and around the world with the N&M Big Band and other ensembles. 

The Big Band was founded by Meital & Nitsan together, with the talented pianist Nitsan Kolako writing the arrangements. The Big Band’s reputation precedes it, acknowledged for quite a few performances, to which numerous were sold-out. 

A party on stage is expected.

Meital Waldmann (Vocals) | Nitsan Kolko (Piano & arrangements) | Gonn Shani (Double-bass) | David Sirkis (Drums) | Assaf Haris (Saxophones tenor) | Ofer Cohen (Saxophones tenor) | Adar Yosha (Saxophones alt) | Aviv Bloom (Saxophones alt) | Jonathan Kozlovsky (Trumpet) | Arik Amitai (Trumpet) | Dor Assaf (Trombone) | Yoav Trifman (Trombone) | Hillai Govreen (Clarinet)

Concept- traditional jazz\American songbook


Thursday 26.5

Katia Toobool & Hadar Noiberg

Tribute to Alice Coltrane 

Alice Coltrane, a pianist, harp player and composer, studied classical music and jazz. Aside from performing in John Coltrane’s ensemble, she was his second wife.

Alice experienced a long and fascinating life. She released dozens of albums and lead numerous ensembles. She forged ahead to a spiritual search, becoming the head of an Ashram. Towards the end of her life, she released several unique hymn albums. 

Coltrane’s music is beautiful, intense, profound, full of wisdom and emotion.

Fit for this tribute, two similarly gifted musicians have been selected:

Katia Toobool – Pianist, composer, and educator, graduate of the Rimon Music Academy and the New York New School University. Katia has performed with the finest musicians in Israel and abroad, in various local and international festivals. She teaches piano and jazz studies in Rimon Music Academy and in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. 

Hadar Noiberg – ASCAP award winner for composition and the representative artists of the flute company Haynes. Her concerts are a worldwide success, performing with ensembles led by Hadar herself. Noiberg gracefully combines jazz and world music, creating her own name and sound within the jazz and world music scenes in the US and abroad- since she moved to New-York at 21. Combining her background of classical music and her ability to improvise across a wide range of genres, Noiberg has developed her own, personal style.

Their encounter, and the life the two shall breathe into Alice Coltrane’s music is truly intriguing. 

Ensemble- piano (Katia Toobool) and flute (Hadar Noiberg).

Concept- Tribute to the jazz and spirit icon, Alice Coltrane 


Chen Levy

Tribute to Shoshana Damari

Chen Levy, musician, singer, creator, and art director of the festival.

Concerning Shoshana Damari and the inspiration for the concert, Chen writes:

“Shoshana Damari is a cultural icon. She was a feminist before the term was coined, she toured, she was self-accomplished career woman- for which she paid quite a price. Watching the movie about her, I wept, and was filled with inspiration. This is a woman who knows what she wants, who always knew what she’s asking for to happen to her, and knows how to fulfill her wishes. She is neither afraid of her radiance, nor of the price she might pay. The path is so clear to her, and considering the time in which she performed, to me it’s no less than magnificent. Beyond her impressive and fruitful activity, I was especially moved by her collaboration with the Dizzy Gillespie orchestra in a Canadian jazz festival, and her close relationship with Nina Simone. She reminds me that I’m entitled to dream and fulfill these dreams. She reminds me that when you are true to yourself- there are no limits. Suddenly, a common language could be discovered between simple, folk music in Hebrew and complex jazz in English- connection is the name of the game. That is the reason I wish to explore her music, her character, maybe some of it will latch on to me ”. 

Chen Levy – Vocals | Nir Kleiner – Drums | Daniel Harlev – Double Bass | Orel Oshrat – Piano

Concept- tribute to Shoshana Damari’s greatest songs, jazz musical arrangement. 


Julia Feldman & Hagit Golberg

Tribute to the Album- “Duets”, by Betty Carter & Carmen McRae 

Within Carmen & Betty’s album, one may find plenty of freedom which existed between these two luminaries. 

The humor they allow themselves to bring forth on stage in unique nonchalance,  the simplicity and playfulness, are probably achieved after long years of life experience. 

Hagit Goldberg- musical and jazz singer. Besides her knowledge and expertise, Hagit is a lively and spirited musician.

Julia Feldman- singer, pianist and creator. 

Adventurous and drawn to improvisation.

Ensemble- Hagit Goldberg (Vocals), Julia Feldman (Vocals), Katia Toobool (piano), Assaf Hakimi (double-bass), Shay Zelman (drums). 

Concept – American jazz, album tribute.

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