The Yellow Submarine - The Place for Music

A Jerusalem non-profit multidisciplinary center for music

founded in 1991 by the Jerusalem foundation in association with the Jerusalem Municipality, and supported by donations from the Floersheimer foundation and Marty Peretz.

The Submarine’s Vision:

Encouraging musicians of all ages and helping them develop in any field or style of music. The Submarine aims to be a home, a meeting place and center of information for musicians; To provide rehearsal space, a professional performance venue and recording studio; To initiate and produce musical events and festivals, as well as regular performances from established musicians.

Over the years, the submarine has produced and developed many projects including:

A high school matriculation music program; a school of sound design; young musician and band programs; the “Greenhouse” project for local upcoming acts; international jazz festivals; the International Showcase Music Festival – created in association with the Foreign Ministry; the “Non Standard’ program; and much much more…

On our website you can keep up to date on our different activities and purchase tickets to our shows and events.

The Yellow Submarine is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Jerusalem Foundation, and the Municipality of Jerusalem.

Members of the General Board:

Chairman – Danny Halperin

Ruth Diskin

Asher Bitensky

Ruth Hashin

Allen Freeman

Hedva Vogel

Daniel veuchtunger

מי בצוללת?

Atcha Bar

  1. Executive Director
  2. b.1964 in Jerusalem. Graduated 1989 from the Musician Institute of  Los Angeles.

Began his professional career as a guitarist and later as a producer and artistic director. Took the helm of the Submarine in 1997 and founded a number of projects including: the high school music program, the school of sound design, the Yellow Submarine ensemble, and many other productions on many different scales.

Between 2014 - 2016 Atcha served as manager of the Culture & Art department of the Jerusalem Foundation.

Yaron Mohar

CO Manager

Longtime submariner, musician and sound designer born and raised in Beit Hakerem, Jerusalem. As a child Yaron learned to play the cello and the piano, and at age 15 began saxophone lessons with (Yellow Submarine founder!) Shmulik Kovalski.

As a musician, Yaron has played, performed and recorded with many Israeli musicians, all while working at the Yellow Submarine as a sound technician. In 1999 Yaron became technical manager for the submarine, a position he held for 16 years. During this period he accumulated a vast amount of experience in live shows and sound, recording and album mixing.

Additionally, Yaron has managed and taught the Yellow Submarine's school of sound design for the past 20 years, and also instructs students in the high school program.

These days Yaron is general manager of the Submarine, which has become his second home (or perhaps his first...) Together they have been diving and surfacing since 1991, just after the submarine was founded, and have been partners on many great aquatic and musical adventures.

David haim Saidov

Artistic Director

David's life in a nutshell:

After a rough childhood among 5 brothers, a blossoming youth in a boarding school, a military service chock full of chocolate and candy, a journey around the world and a hollywood-style romance, B.A. studies in Media and Communication at Sapir college, and three years in shellshocked Sderot, David finally landed in Jerusalem- looking for a place to fulfill his passion for music and radio. One year later he found himself in the belly of the Yellow Submarine. David makes a mean lemon pickle, legend has it he also pickles little aubergines (but not the purple ones!).

Has a great love for music in all it’s shapes and forms, and does his best to include excitement and emotion in every one of his days.

Polly Geltser

Office Manager

Polly Geltser, untitled, oil on canvas.

Artist, graduate of the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem, redheaded and proud.

Polly has fallen deeply in love with the Submarine and often dreams of a revolution in the art world.

Yuval Hermoni

Technical Manager

Father of Yonatan, Michael, and Messi the cat. Married to Sylvia and owner of Messi the cat.

Yuval can see colors just fine and is the technical manager at the Yellow Submarine. He does not care for the Osher Ad supermarket across the street, although he does shop there from time to time. He also seems to look like some famous actor, but he can't remember which one.

Omri Yagen

Sorry, this entry is only available in Hebrew.

Gili Rosso

Sorry, this entry is only available in Hebrew.

Yif’at Nataf

Noa Shemer

Band Instructor and Guide

Noa was born and raised in a musical home in Jerusalem. Her father, Dr. David Shemer, is a harpsichordist and conductor in the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra; and her mother Edith Shemer is a classically trained flute player.

Noa went to the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where she received her B.A. in piano in 2002. Today she teaches at the Submarine's high school music program.

Noa is a member of several music groups: “Na’arati” (with Shira Kerner),and “The Beauty and the Beast” with Matan Goldberg. She is also a member of "The Poet's Speech" and the Progressive Rock group “Swan Band” which she founded with co-creator and vocalist Yaron Amitai.

Dotan Moshonov

Born in 1984 in Tel Aviv

Isadora music producer , composer keyboardist and guitarist.

Moshonov graduated from the department of Multidisciplinary Composition at

the Israel Academy of Music.

Founded and produced several musicl bands in Israel.

In recent years Dotan has showcased his original music, performing in numerous

festivals stages around Europe with his several Electro rock bands – “Noria” “Sodabeat” “Kitsu” “Isadora” and " Isreal Story"

Moshonov has been praised for the various symphonic arrangements & music productions he collaborated with local leading musicians such as,  Asaf Avidan ,Beri Sakharof and Arkadi Duchin ,Ninet Tayeb,

 Iggy Waxman and more.  

Itay Amir

Eliyahu Zehavi

Sound technician

Sound = Eli. It really is as simple as that.

EQs, XLR, Mixers, compressors - you name it. In anything that has to do with performances, recording sessions, mixing, carpentry, renovations, deep philosophical conversations and a relentless search for the new and exciting - you can count on Eli. He lives it.

Eli grew up in Kiryat Bialik, fell in love with a Jerusalemite, got married, had 2 kids and is also known as Abu Tidhar. He is a sound engineer who graduated The Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee and has a B.A. in Education. He often works as a freelance technician with both Israeli and foreign artists. Eli also heads the sound program at Hoshen high school in Jerusalem, and independently creates original music. He has been part of the submarine since 2010 and has been struggling to keep sane ever since.

Oren Tal

Sorry, this entry is only available in Hebrew.

Arik Finkelberg

Dor Caplan

Noam Kroizer

Shalom Benizri

Sound Technician

Sound engineer, graduate of Sapir college, active in the music industry since 2009 - anywhere from large shows and events to the Submarine's recording studio. Shalom also runs a home studio where he produces albums for a number local acts.

Nir Weinstein

Band Instructor and Manager of the Band Project

Nir Weinstein, 33, is a musician, producer and music teacher. He has 15 years of experience teaching and working on different youth projects within the musical realm. Nir is the founder of mythological rock band "The Metallic Cabaret", and is the manager of the Band project - the Yellow Submarine's flagship project, created in association with the municipality of Jerusalem.

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