Neta Elkayam & El Khat

Neta Elkayam & El Khat Free entrance

Shaon Horef After Party

Shaon Horef Present: Neta Elkayam & El khat @ The Yellow Submarine

24.2.2020/ Monday

open doors 22:30

begin 23:00

performance standing

Neta Elkayam & El Khat

Neta Elkayam, The world-renowned singer of North African music, connects the spirit of her mothers to the cosmopolitan scene in a new musical production by Amit Hai Cohen. 

El Khat is the reincarnation of bandleader, carpenter and composer Eyal El Wahab who, after 5 years as principle cellist of the Jerusalem Andalusian Orchestra, decided to delve deep into his Yemeni roots. He has dismantled and reformed Yemeni folk songs using home-made instruments for an album set to be released on UK label Batov Records in November 2019.

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