The Lab Orchestra

The Lab Orchestra Free entrance

“Wheels Within Wheels”, a new  extended work by Stephen Horenstein for 15 players, gleaned from three  decades of talent.

9.3.2023/ Thursday

open doors 21:00

begin 21:30

performance sitting

Lab Orchestra LIVE!

The Lab Orchestra

Musicians: Tal Avraham, trumpet; Elinoam Warshavsky, alto saxophone,  Eyal Netzer, tenor saxophone, Chen Amar, soprano saxophone, Bob  Trachtenberg, baritone saxophone and bass clarinet, Michael Roessler,  bassoon, Tom Klein, cello, Bobby Zankel (alto saxophone, long distance);  Amir Weiss, guitar, Haggai Fershtman, Drums/percussion, Milton  Michaeli, piano and electric keyboard, Orr Sinai, double bass, found  objects, Ehud Ettun, double bass, Matan Daskal, gongs and assistant  conductor, Stephen Horenstein, piano and soprano, tenor saxophones,  conductor, composer | Ada Ragimov, Harp | Bar Shinhav, Drums & Percussion

In cooperation with The Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music  Final concert of the “Music on the Edge” Festival, part of the 75th  Birthday Celebrations (For Stephen Horenstein)

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