Mizmor – School of Music

Mizmor – School of Music 30-50 ₪

Night  1#

The school of music, Mizmor, present: Rotem Kowal & Shikma Ronen

8.7.2019/ Monday

open doors 19:30

begin 20:00

performance sitting

 Mizmor – School of Music | Night  1#

First show 

doors opening: 19:30

show: 20:00

 Rotem Kowal

On the evening of the 8/7, I am going to get up on stage and perform the journey that I have been on over the last three years at Mizmor school.

All of the people, the experiences, the musical geners and the attempt to break my own barriers will all concentrate in on one evening of music.

We will play originals instrumental music combined with covers for Brazilian music which are uplifting.

I am excited to invite you to take part in this evening!

Music production- Gilad Abro

Harmonica- Rotem Kowal

Keyboard- Lotem Aharon

Guitar- Tomer Avital

Bass Guitar- Amit Licht

Drums- Einav Golan

* The performance is a graduation recital of the school of music Mizmor. 


Second show 

doors opening: 21:30

show: 22:00

Shikma Ronen

After several years in music, the singer-songwriter Shikma Ronen takes us on a journey through significant periods in her life. 

this stellar performer shares an unfiltered and honest perspective on life in her original and effortless compositions.

“What’s that Supposed to Mean?”

Debut show- Folk-Rock, Original, raw and revealing.

Shikma manages to strip it down to the core setting words, emotions, thoughts and feelings free to flow through songs written over the years.

She is accompanied by an ensemble of electrifying musicians.

Talya Falach- Electric Guitar// Neta Terem – Bass // Einav Golan – Drums // Shikma Ronen – Vocals and Accoustic Guitar

Production – Roni Iwryn – Rhythm Artist and Percussion Master

The show marks the culmination of 3 years of studying at Mizmor School of Music.

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