Mizmor – School of Music

Mizmor – School of Music 30-50 ₪

Night  3#

The school of music, Mizmor, present: Shoshana & Arye Yehuda

15.7.2019/ Monday

open doors 19:30

begin 20:00

performance sitting

 Mizmor – School of Music | Night  3#

First show 

doors opening: 19:30

show: 20:00


Unique music with rich lyrics and adaptations that are exposing and close to the heart. A refreshing encounter between Indie and Rock


Second show 

doors opening: 21:30

show: 22:00

Arye Yehuda

The debut show of Arye Yehuda, a promising new singer/songwriter, with the Nevelot band will take place at the Zolelet club in Jerusalem, on July 15th.

The show is a rock concert that tells the story of this generation, with a bold and poignant statement – combining love songs with sharp social messages.                                 

The show was conceived following a meeting of young musicians at Mizmor music in the fringe of Israel, who formed together a unique musical statement and would like to share it with you. 

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