Mizmor – School of Music

Mizmor – School of Music 30-50 ₪

Night  4#

The school of music, Mizmor, present: Shir Tehori & Lea

16.7.2019/ Tuesday

open doors 19:30

begin 20:00

performance sitting

 Mizmor – School of Music | Night  4#

First show 

doors opening: 19:30

show: 20:00

Shir Tehori

The composer, pianist Shir Tehori presents an intimate debut show that will enrapture its audiences.

Songs written about love, loss, longing and rebirth are delivered by Shir and her ensemble of diverse musicians.

Listeners will delight in personal texts, enveloped in magical sounds that permeate the heart.

we warmly welcome you!


Second show 

doors opening: 21:30

show: 22:00


Lea, a 22-year-old student at Mizmor music academy. Graduating musician-artist

studiesThe need to reflect experiences through a song, words, music.

The connection between sacred and profane, between what is forbidden and what is allowed.

Between the external and the internal, what one wants and what one needs.

A unique performance of original music filled with emotion and comfort.

Lea brings her unique voice which combines the depth and wonders of Judaism with the reality of life.

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