KOEVARY 50/60/70 ₪

מופע פותח - שלי אלמה

Releasing New Album “Zahav Adom” (Red Gold) Summer 2022

23.3.2022/ Wednesday

open doors 21:00

begin 22:00

performance standing

קובארי // איילות


Releasing New Album “Zahav Adom” (Red Gold) Summer 2022

Koevary burst onto the local music scene in 2014 with her debut album “Dat, Bayit, Elohim, Ahava” (Religion, Home, God, Love) which has been described in the media as no less than “a miracle in the world of Israeli rock.”  Since then, at a dizzying pace, Koevary has been releasing albums. The third album, “Bat Zekunim” (The Youngest Daughter) won her an AKUM (The Society of Authors, Composers, and Music Publishers in Israel) award, and one of its songs, “Ayalot” is constantly played, and garnered praise from listeners and critics alike.

Her latest album, “One out of One” (Achat mitoch achat), brings songs such as “Meyabesh”, “Elul”, “Shablona” and “Goa” to playlists and has marked Koevary  as a singer-songwriter with a rare ability to speak truth, give meaning, and touch the heart. With unusual charisma, extraordinary stage presence, and a clear and distinctive voice, she is supported by a diversified, and rich production, led by Ziv Zac, her long-time producer, who takes care to remain faithful to the spirit of her powerful words and music.

PR photo – Ehod Eitan

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