International Music Showcase Festival 2019

International Music Showcase Festival 2019 Free entrance


The International Music Showcase Festival is celebrating 10 years of exporting and promoting some of the finest Israeli music to the world.
The #2 day [noon session] preformance: IOGI, YALI BLANK, Ouzo Bazooka
The performances will take place in the Tower of David museum – Jerusalem



14.11.2019/ Thursday

open doors 14:30

begin 15:00

performance sitting

International Music Showcase Israel 2017

 International Music Showcase Festival 2019 | DAY #2 Noon Session

The International Music Showcase Festival is celebrating 10 years of exporting and promoting some of the finest Israeli music to the world. Music showcase festivals take place all over the globe, aimed at sharing local music with top representatives from the global music industry. Israel’s musical showcase is produced by the Yellow Submarine and is thought to be one of the finest in the world. 

 We are off to the 2# day [noon session] with 3 performances at Tower of David museum


iogi (Yogev Glusman), is a Tel-Aviv based musician and producer. Playing violin from the age of 7, guitar from the age of 13 and later on bass guitar which is his main instrument until today. In recent years iogi has been producing as well as touring world wide with  A-WA, Idan Raichel and more. iogi’s album “the ceiling” was released on Raw Tapes Records, and his songs were played many times on the biggest israeli radio stations. The album was produced alongside Nomok.


YALI is a 24 year old singer-songwriter, pianist and producer from Israel. Her experimental style combines influences from Classical music, Jazz, and Electro-pop. Throughout her childhood she studied classical piano and was a member of aconservatory ensemble. On stage, YALI delivers a truly unique style of performance art.

She creates electronic beats through keyboards and synthesizers, improvising each one in addition to soft vocals. She is a childhood bone cancer survivor and draws on her unfortunate experiences as inspiration. Her energy on stage is in stark contrast to her permanent disability that affects her mobility. In the last two years she has toured worldwide with her first project “Chaos”. The name is fitting because it draws influence from many different genres and cultures, including her Middle Eastern roots, Afro-Jazz, and Hip-Hop. 

Ouzo Bazooka

The undisputed champions of the middle eastern psych rock return with Transporter, their third album to date.

After 2 years trotting the globe and playing over 150 live shows, Ouzo Bazooka returned to the studio a tight knot radiating with ideas and inspiration to create what just might be their most cohesive work to date.

Suspiciously smelling like a mix of prohibited substances and powerful homebrewed potions, Transporter manages to effortlessly be a lot of things, that in a similar universe, contradict each other: it is psychedelic, but accessible. It is adventurous and creatively free spirited, but also filled with anthems waiting to be discovered, like the optimistic but mischievous It’s A Sin or Space Camel, the perfect soundtrack for your desert soul searching adventure. The sound is recognizable, but simultaneously an exception and expansion of the band’s creative palette. 

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