International Music Showcase Festival 2019

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The International Music Showcase Festival is celebrating 10 years of exporting and promoting some of the finest Israeli music to the world.
The #3 day @ TEDER, Tel Aviv: Rejoicer, Totemo, Dj Mesh, Garden City Movement, Tiny Fingers, Ethel, Malox & more.
The performances will take place in the Teder complex in Tel Aviv.


15.11.2019/ Friday

open doors 20:00

begin 21:00

performance standing

 International Music Showcase Festival 2019 | DAY #3 @ Teder – TLV

The International Music Showcase Festival is celebrating 10 years of exporting and promoting some of the finest Israeli music to the world. Music showcase festivals take place all over the globe, aimed at sharing local music with top representatives from the global music industry. Israel’s musical showcase is produced by the Yellow Submarine and is thought to be one of the finest in the world. With a distinguished musical scene and an enchanting Mediterranean atmosphere, everyone wants a piece of us.

We are off to the 3# day @ teder, tlv:


Rejoicer (Yuvi Havkin) is a producer from Tel-Aviv, who splices together funk,hip-hop, breakbeats and jazz. He’s helped cultivate Israel’s modern beat movement,and fostered a community of international artists who contribute to his Raw Tapeslabel.The radical potential of jazz informs both Yuvi’s philosophy on life and his music,which shares a nonconformist take on the genre with the likes of Thundercat, HiatusKaiyote, Badbadnotgood or Flying Lotus. With more than 20 releases to his nameunder several aliases, Havkin also plays in the band Buttering Trio, and hascollaborated with the likes of Mndsgn, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Oh No, among others.Rejoicer recently released his latest album “Energy Dreams” with the Stones ThrowRecords, which is getting a lot of international attention and great reviews.Raised in a musical family, Yuvi has been experimenting with different instrumentssince he can remember. His great-grandmother Thelma Yellin was a renowned cellistand the namesake of the arts school he attended, while both of his brothers are alsomusicians. That background feeds into the collaborative spirit of Energy Dreams,which features contributions from Rejoicer’s labelmate Mndsgn, jazz pianist NitaiHershkovits, Raw Tapes’ Sefi Zisling, and Guy Glikshtein (aka Jengo).


Totemo is a singer-writer-producer, creating Electronic dream pop fused with East-Asian instruments. “Everything Happens Only Once” (2019) is her first full length LP, co-produced with Roey Avital (Garden City Movement). Their collaboration was celebrated by SPIN, NOISEY, and others, and featured on many Spotify official playlists.

Shigola Records

DJ Mesh – DJ Mesh (Meishar Cohen) is a pioneer of Israeli turntablism that has been part of the hip hop scene since it’s first steps.
Today, as a producer and label head – he is still one of Israel’s most relevant artists.

Garden City Movement

Garden City Movement, composed of Roy Avital, Yoav Saar and Johnny Sharoni, have spent the last five years touring the world with their three EPs, performing at prestigious festivals such as Glastonbury and Primavera, and now continue to receive unceasing media praise worldwide with their first album “Apollonia”.

Tiny Fingers

Tiny Fingers combine post-rock, live electronics,psychedelicand groove, forming apowerful, super-intensive musical mix. With broken beats, unique guitar playing, fatbass and fresh synthesized sounds, they integrate the messy intensity of rock musicwith the ecstasy of electronic raves, creating a thick, unrelenting sound trip.An emerging festival favorite both intheirhome base of Israel and abroad, their live actis a mind blowing experience of futuristic sounds and visuals, leaving the sweaty fansbegging for more.It’sled them to be handpicked to open forThe Mars VoltaandDamian Marley,share the stage withDub Trio,All Them Witchesand many more.The Fingershave been touring nonstop over the past few years, mostly in Europe andAsia playing in many clubs and festivals such as:CMJ,Fusion Festival (Germany),Liverpool Sound City (UK), Exit (Serbia), Strawberry festival, MIDI Festival,ZhangbeiFestival, SOTX (China), Spring Scream Festival (Taiwan), Mighty Sounds (CzechRepublic) and much more.The band’s debut album,”Massive Fingers Spacetrip”, was released in 2011 to criticalacclaim. It was quickly followed by”Foreign Telegrams.In 2012 theFingers released“Megafauna”, an album comprised solely of one long instrumental live set.“WeAre Being Held By The Dispatcher” was releasedin 2013.In 2015 Tiny Fingershave released “The Fall”, the band’s fifth album.


Ethel is the young crazy rock girl of the Trap pop scene. Ethel is a Pop Mutant. Born in Latvia, living in Israel, Also known as the lead singer of Rock/Metal band MAGEN and the Middle Eastern rave act ORGONITE, acts that performs in festivals in Israel and around the world, surrounded by loving and loyal fans. Ethel recently decided to take herself, her name, art and all her inner world into the front of stage and creation. This days Ethel working on her solo EP at the Sound_factory stydios. Beware of this Pop Mutant as Ethel is here to stay!


The fearless trio is on for shaking the house with all new and fresh improvements and additives straight from the market ! 

Just a moment after recording their 4th album “SHIT to GOLD” over a series of live magical nights at Krakow’s notorious club ״Alchemia”  the MALOX is hotter than ever !The trio is raving hard over music originated in eastern Europian alcoholic drinks and some music that was here long before.

The influences range from north to south, east to west, but nothing but the best.

Freedom for all !

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