International Music Showcase Festival 2019 – SOLD OUT

International Music Showcase Festival 2019 – SOLD OUT 40 ₪

Jazz & World Music

The International Music Showcase Festival is celebrating 10 years of exporting and promoting some of the finest Israeli music to the world.
The opening night preformance: Avishai Cohen Big Vicious, Sandman Project, Andalucious, Sefi Zisling, Neta Elkayam
The performances will take place in the Yellow Submarine – Jerusalem

20.11.2019/ Wednesday

open doors 19:45

begin 20:20

performance standing

International Music Showcase Israel 2017

 International Music Showcase Festival 2019 | DAY I

The International Music Showcase Festival is celebrating 10 years of exporting and promoting some of the finest Israeli music to the world. Music showcase festivals take place all over the globe, aimed at sharing local music with top representatives from the global music industry.
Israel’s musical showcase is produced by the Yellow Submarine and is thought to be one of the finest in the world. 

We are off to the opening night with 5 performances:

Avishai Cohen Big Vicious

Trumpeter Avishai Cohen has been in the global jazz scene for years and is considered one of the world’s best trumpeters. His albums are released on the prestigious ECM label, he was announced as the best jazz artist in France and his album was selected for the 2018 album of the year.

Big Vicious is Avishai’s cross-genre project – a synergy of Psychedelia, Electronics, Jazz, Funk, and more.

The project began a few years ago as an improvised jam in Down Town New York, and later morphed into an Israeli band, made up of two drummers, two guitarists, and Avishai’s lyrical trumpet in the center.

The unconventional composition structure, the eclectic connection between the musicians creates an exceptional musical experience with a wide range of moods, from the thoughtful and gentle to the elaborate and the danceable, suitable for every stage – from dark clubs to open-air festivals.

The members of the ensemble are diverse and esteemed creators in their own right, and in the present configuration they are partners in music writing and production.

Sandman Project

Sandman Project was established in 2017 by guitarist and composer Tal Sandman. It is a musical journey that begins in west Africa through Ethiopia and ends in the middle east creating an electrifying psychedelic groove band which takes the listener on a multicultural musical experience of colours and rhythms from around the glob  


Andalucious is a unique ensemble which performs North African repertoire, ranging from the Jewish Andalusian Piyyut tradition to the Moroccan and Algerian Chaâbi styles, all in Under the guiding hand and arrangements of violinist Elad Levi. The band flows between deeply touching time-old melodies, climaxing into musical grooves with modern influences.

Sefi Zisling

After the first album “Beyond Things I Know”, Sefi Zisling is embarking on a new adventure with his second release album that was signed on the well appreciated label  “Tru Thoughts” and will be out on October 2019 !

In the past decade, Sefi’s trumpet has become the trademark within the Israeli’s music scene with his ongoing distinctive style that can only be described as a melting pot of musical genres including jazz, soul and groove. Two years ago, Sefi and his trumpet set out on their own well anticipated journey, bearing fruit upon his debut album. Today, just a moment before his second release and right after he signed with a British label “Tru Thoughts”, Sefi Zisling’s ensemble is crossing borders again with a unique frequency and tone proving that there are no limits within a genre area, Sefi’s work attracts a great deal of curiosity and appreciation overseas.

Since the first album was released, Sefi’s music has been played on some of the world’s most recognizable and honorable music spots such as Seattle’s KEXP radio station and the legendary radio show of the well-known collector Gilles Peterson, and appeared on stage alongside legends such as Roy Ayers, Jacob Collier, ILL Camile, Hailu Mergia, Tonny Allen and many more.

Sefi’s second album was recorded with a 12-piece orchestra and is expected to be released on a double record with many musical influences ranging from free jazz, punk, soul, groove and space beats. The album includes artists as Kutiman, Shlomi Alon (Hadag Nachash), Yair Slutsky, Eyal Talmudi, Uzi Ramirez and more!

Neta Elkayam | ARÉNAS

Neta Elkayam, The world-renowned singer of North African music, connects the spirit of her mothers to the cosmopolitan scene in a new musical production by Amit Hai Cohen. With Tal Avraham on the trumpet and Gal Maestro on the double-bass, together they create an intimate and energetic sound, melding electro-tribal beats from the Atlas Mountains with women’s voices from transit camps, infused with melodies of jazz, liturgical poems and hip hop. 

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