Flora 25-100 ₪

Under Guidelines

Under Guidelines with Flora

A special concert series delivered live to audiences online.

13.6.2020/ Saturday

open doors 21:00

begin 21:30

performance sitting

FLORA - Shipur ✿ פלורה - שיר לשיפור המצב רוח (Official Video)

Under Guidelines with Flora

“Under Guidelines” is a series of concerts broadcast from the depths of the Submarine directly to audiences at home. 

COVID-19 has left us stranded in our homes, and the live music realm shut down for over a month.

In light of these bizarre conditions we have decided to run a special series of performances – giving people at home access to high quality live music, and creating opportunity for the incapacitated music industry.

Viewers get to experience intimate and unique performances – each from the comfort of their favourite couch, their favourite drink in hand, dressed in anything from tuxedo to pyjamas! All while watching and listening to some of the country’s greatest artists and groups, who cannot wait to get back onstage.

These performances will be held in a very special format!

Each show will have a host, a short Q&A, and a couple of stories from the artists.

*Prices are 25 ILS or higher – any donations will be lovingly appreciated, with every Shekel going towards helping the artists and people behind the scenes that have been immobilized for nearly two months!

*Broadcast will take place via private groups on Facebook.

*A link to said group will be e-mailed to you immediately upon ticket purchase.

*Entry into groups will be validated with ticket purchase details.

Flora (stage name of Liron Meshulam) is a singer-songwriter, composer and producer.

Flora’s unique sound is composed by looping vintage keyboards, live minimal beats, and the use of her own voice as an instrument, to create a tasty blend of female indie-pop. Or as someone once put it – “an electro- Joni Mitchell”.

She Played her solo electronic shows all around the world, across Israel, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, also in London, New York (including Cmj festival), Tokyo (Natural High Festival), Seoul (Rainbow Island Festival) and in Paris music week.

Flora released three albums: Happy today (2010), Everything is Here (2014)

& Makom (2017) the first in her native tongue Hebrew.

All three  got warm response from the audience and the media.

Her single “This is Happening” was chosen for a Paypal advert, also starring Flora.

She won a scholarship from the French Institute and spent months focusing on her music in Cite des arts in Paris.

She was the keyboard player in Asaf Avidan’s band for two years, touring the world extensively.

She collaborated with many musicians and artists from different fields, writing music for Dance & Visual art.

In 2018 Flora opened a facebook group called Women in Sound (in Hebrew)

this group is now a community that is organizing events that support  female musicals, sound engineers, producers, guitar players and more.

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