Groove Festival – GUTE GUTE & TAWIL

Groove Festival – GUTE GUTE & TAWIL 50 ₪

Jerusalem Art Festival

Groove Festival – GUTE GUTE  & TAWIL  – A unique show for the Jerusalem Art Festival

28.3.2020/ Saturday

open doors 21:00

begin 21:30

performance standing

Groove Festival | GUTE GUTE  & TAWIL | Jerusalem Art Festival

TAWIL will ignite the groove with a sensational multidimensional experience – a musical journey between genres and cultures that defines the borders of music itself from the top. After that the band that was named the surprise of the last Indi-Negev festival: GUTE-GUTE, will elevate the groove with an “electro-acoustic-chafla”. A party full of humor and heart that won’t leave any set of legs on the ground.

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