International Music Showcase Festival

The International Showcase Festival is celebrating its 11th year. 

This unique showcase event normally spans over 8 days and collects around 100 guests from all over the globe – professionals and decision-makers from the international music scene; festival directors, venue and cultural institution managers, record labels, booking firms, journalists and media.

Our guests get a generous peek into the Israeli music scene, with its wide range of genres, local culture and nightlife – meeting local artists, audiences, venues and being introduced to all aspects of the musical community.

The festival is comprised of two long weekends, each devoted to different styles of music:

  1. Jazz and World music.
  2. Rock, Indie and Electronic music.

The festival provides an intimate, exhilarating cultural experience that is unique to the world of showcase festivals. The prolific encounters and interactions with artists lead to countless instances of cooperation and collaboration, which have been critical in bringing Israeli music to the whole world and creating some major success stories.

                                        A Taste of 2019

Festivals and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a challenging reality in which projects and events of special nature, that were crafted and have gained much attention over many years – must adapt, rebuild and take on new forms following these new circumstances. This is especially true for International Showcase, which is based in the arrival of dozens of key figures from all over the world – gathering to meet, hear, and experience Israeli music, musicians, and the local musical community.


What To Do

Unfortunately, this year we will be unable to invite overseas guests to stay with us and physically participate in the festival, as we have previously. For this reason we have decided to create a rich online program, packed with digital content held to the highest technical standard. Doing so will allow us to continue our work on the international circuit, and share our local musical produce – which has not slowed down for an instant.


What is Music Showcase 2020?


This year and for the very first time, we will be uniting the genres we normally split over 2 weekends – into one colorful, multicultural and genre-bending musical event.

Rock, Indie, Electronic music, World music, Hip Hop and Jazz will be the building blocks of Showcase 2020, over several days of live music, conventions and worldwide encounters – in person and online.


The festival will take place over 4 days in December, beginning Dec 8th and running through to the 11th.

This year we are featuring 16 groups, carefully selected by our artistic committees.

All events will be filmed and broadcast on the festival’s different online platforms.

4-5 artists will perform every night, with sets ranging 15-20 minutes each.


The festival’s three evenings will be broadcast in a unique TV festival format – combining live shows, artist spotlights, interviews and conversations with professionals from the worldwide music scene, and segments from previous years – spearheaded by dynamic hosts that will guide viewers along the way.

On the fourth day of the festival we will be holding special gatherings and intimate meeting sessions between international professionals and local musicians.

This final day will include many different events: networking encounters; one-on-one meetings; workshops and lectures relevant to today’s music industry and an artist’s path within it – with indications as to changes and new processes (due to COVID), work methods and practical tools for understanding and constructing an international career.

All networking events will take place online during the daytime.

At the end of the festival, we aim to send this year’s artists off with a comprehensive digital profile that can help to propel their careers forward.

Working with International Industry Professionals

The most important aspect of the festival is the encounter between local artists and international guests. Beyond the wider exposure allowed by holding the event online, inviting guests that would not necessarily have been able to travel here – we plan to collect a group of 60-100 professionals who will be “fixed” guests – taking a regular and active part in the broadcasts, convention, and networking events with artists.

The process of connecting with overseas guests will be divided, as in past years, among the festival production team and our many representatives worldwide (such as cultural attachés and returning guests – music industry professionals who have taken part in the festival several times and have become true partners of Showcase). Together, we reach out to industry people who are most relevant to the Israeli music scene.


This year, due to the dire lack of social proximity, we will be creating a worldwide meeting place:

  • Some of our representatives worldwide will be holding group viewing events – in local businesses, diplomat’s homes, and other places in their cities.
  • Certain past guests of the festival will be holding intimate viewing sessions in their homes.

As a general rule, we highly regard our past guests, and consider them the most important part of the puzzle – they are our biggest fans, and are familiar with the festival, staff and artists; they are first to spread the word, taking on active roles as speakers, watching our broadcasts and participating in the convention.

This is also a great opportunity for us to bring together the amazing international community that has formed in and around the Showcase festival.

Working together before and after the festival, we will attempt to use all means at our disposal – existing interactions, social networks, PR and digital resources – to reach out all over the globe and create lasting connections that will profit Israeli music in both the present and the future.

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