Israel Music Showcase Festival 2023

Each year during November, dozens of music industry professionals come to Israel from all over the globe: festival directors, venue and club owners, producers, artistic directors, booking agencies, record labels, promoters, journalists, writers, radio hosts, and international talent scouts. These and many others come to see, hear, and experience a taste of the Israeli music scene.

Until 2019, the festival was divided into two parts: one devoted to Rock, Indie, and electronic music, and the other to Jazz and World music

Over the past 12 years, the Showcase Festival has reaped countless achievements:
Israeli artists and groups now perform on stages all over the world: major festivals in the US, Spain, England, Taiwan, Russia, China and India; European tours stretch across Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Turkey and many other countries; These once local artists are now arousing international curiosity and are discussed in global media outlets such as magazines, radio shows, and internet channels; Israeli music is also featured on a great deal of TV and streaming channels such as Netflix, Mezzo and others.

International collaborations are constantly produced, whilst worldwide audiences are exposed to the expanding scene of Israeli music.

The Showcase Festival demonstrates a collaborative effort between the “Yellow Submarine – The Place for Music in Jerusalem” and the Cultural Diplomacy Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project is also supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, and the Municipality of Jerusalem

Where will concerts be held this year?

The festival will take place in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The major portion of concerts will be held at The Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem, the festival’s home, and production house.

Shows and activities will also be held in various locations across the city – venues, historical sites, and mysterious secret locations. 

Afterwards, the festival heads down towards the sea, to feel and experience the vivacious music and club scenes in Tel Aviv.

Concluding the festival, our
international music conference – TALK/SHOW/CASE, will be held in Tel Aviv.

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