International Music Showcase Festival

100 professionals from the music industry – festival directors, club and venue owners, international label representatives, cultural establishment managers and directors, journalists and many many more – all arrive in Israel once a year to watch, experience and adopt the Israeli music they see live alongside a warm local audience. A powerful, professional, international experience for both the Israeli music scene and guests from abroad.

The International Showcase is a project created by the Yellow Submarine in association with Israel’s Foreign Ministry, and is the official showcase for the finest Rock, Electronic, Jazz and World Music groups active in Israel, presenting them to major players in the worldwide music industry.

The Showcase is critical in connecting Israeli music with the world. The festival ties Israeli musicians with representatives from the music industry all over the globe, and has to this day produced incredible results. The festival offers groups major exposure, performances overseas, access to new audiences and international connections.

How does it work? The Yellow Submarine locates and contacts professionals from many facets  of the music industry, such as: international festival directors (both large and small scale), managers and directors of cultural centers, club and venue owners, agents and buyers, promoters and producers, international label representatives, journalists, bloggers and radio broadcasters from all over the world.
The invitations go out, RSVPs come in, and every year we gather close to 100 guests from many countries. Around 50 guests arrive in Israel for each weekend of the festival, hailing from all over: China, Japan, Taiwan, USA, Russia, Australia and all over Europe. Guests come to hear, see and experience Israel and Israeli music in all of it’s styles, over just a few days.

Every year we broaden our knowledge and learn more about the international music market, and so make every effort to invite guests from the most appropriate establishments.

The festival features approximately 50 Israeli groups, in many genres and styles, who are chosen out of over 500 applications. This showcase is considered one of the finest and best known in the world.

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