Tezeta Israeli | Ethiopian Musical Ensemble hosts Shlomo Gronich

The Israeli-Ethiopian musical ensemble Tezeta (“longings” in Amharic) was founded two years ago by Confederation House with the aim of serving as a stage for the renewal of Israeli-Ethiopian musical culture.

The ensemble’s musical director is saxophonist and vocalist Abate Berihun, whose work emanates from the heart of Ethiopian traditional music. Members in the ensemble play ancient and unique Ethiopian instruments, including the krar, an Ethiopian harp that legend has it was played in the time of King David, the one-stringed masenqo and the kebero drum array. The ensemble hosts vocalist and composer Shlomo Gronich, one of the most original artists active in Israel in recent decades.

Abate Berihun, saxophone, vocals and musical direction; Zenebe Begashaw, drums; Tomer Mas, bass; Tibi Golan, flutes; Adoniya Goada, vocals, masenqo; Lior Guwangul, krar, vocals; Hiwot Mekonnen, vocals

Guest artist: Shlomo Gronich

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