Moshe Lahav – the “Great Tisch”

With his simple, gruff and unaffected manner, the highly popular Moshe Lahav brings you a pleasantly surprising repertoire of songs that are, well, very rarely heard anywhere anymore.  That’s The Great Tisch – Israeli songs, inspirational songs.  Without any songbook or agenda, Lahav goes where inspiration- and his audience- lead him.

Lahav has a magnetic, fascinating stage presence. He has undisputed control of the words and melodies of Hebrew songs garnered from all facets of Israeli musical expression, from the old and the new, from the mainstream classics, to the forgotten little gems of the past.

With his quiet charisma, with his rare and raw renditions, Moshe Lahav will easily convince you to come back and hear The Great Tisch once again.  You will be left wondering how a quiet evening of a few choice songs could so quickly change into an exciting experience, one that brought you to your feet until the wee hours of the night, leaving you hankering with a taste for more!

The Great Tisch is a show where the audience leads the way and makes each of Lahav’s shows entirely original – to say the least!  This show is for everybody – and Moshe Lahav, like any Rabbi leading a tisch (festive meal), handles whatever the crowd gives him with talent and great energy.

Lahav’s hard core fans have, for years, been following his tour around the country, and come from all facets of Israeli society – they are urban, kibutznikim, moshavnikim, religious and secular, young and old.  Each of Lahav’s performances always brings a fresh new and enthusiastic crowd, and every show is a new experience full of the unexpected.

 And at The Great Tisch, whoever feels the moment is right can come up on stage, grab the mike and belt one out- no previous experience necessary!

To Order Tickets:  Racheli 052-5999244

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