First time in Israel: Namgar

A combination of traditional Mongolian- Buryatian music and rock/jazz elements. Namgar = white cloud

The enchanting voice of Namgar – The Burtiyan star of traditional and modern music, along with traditional and modern instruments, form a broad picture of nature with the power of contemporary music.

The heart of the group, Namgar (“White Cloud ” ), grew up in a small village called ” Conquer ” in Siberia , near the Mongolian border .

In Siberia, under the endless blue sky, the songs of Namgar were born.

Namgar specializes in sounds of nature, wind, mountains and forests. The love for the melodies which Namgar ‘s grandmother and father sung and the desire to preserve the extinct tradition brought her to stages of festivals around the world . She sings long songs with ekhor dancing melodies (Mongolian – Buryatian dancing circles) , about Mongolian urban legends of champions , accurate arrows, swift horses , just like they used to sing in the distant past , along with music written to take out all the beauty in her voice to the world of modern music .

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