Amir Gwirtzman | “Babel-Gumbo” Inhale-Exhale 2

Amir Gwirtzman’s solo project, New Album’s release with special guest artists. Amir Gwirtzman’s official release concert in Israel, for his new (2nd) solo album, with special guest artists.

Amir Gwirtzman “Inhale-Exhale“ solo project is a metaphor for our globalized world, it represents the Israeli micro cosmos – a melting pot

of sounds, cultures and diversities fused together in perfect harmony, “speaking” in his own distinctive and recognizable musical language that became a successful solo career, from 2008.

described as an Israeli „musical ID card“. “Inhale-Exhale” is performed by Amir himself alternately playing on more than 20 woodwinds, simultaneously at times, all by himself.