Noam David | Drummer and Composer

Noam David, born 1971 in Jerusalem, is a drummer and a composer.

Drummer of the Avishai Cohen’s international Trio.

Noam is recognised by his creative playing style and his distinctive, rich, complex polyrhythmic rhythms. His style and compositions have contributed greatly to the music scene in Israel, influencing many drummers and musicians throughout the country to develop a personal and original style of playing.

Since an early age, Noam has collaborated with and accompanied leading jazz musicians worldwide, including; bassist Avishai Cohen, Eli Dejibri, Kirk Lightsey, Daniel Zamir, Omri Mor and many more.

Noam David’s debut album “Alef Melody” released in March 2017, presents original compositions and arrangements, of ethnic/oriental and modern style, featuring: Avishai Cohen (bass), Omri Mor (piano & oriental Keyboard) and Avri Borochov (bass,Oud).

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