This Is How I Liberated Jerusalem | Yankele Rotblit Renewed Album

A new appearance in the Yellow Submarine of Yankele Rotblit’s first album. “So I Liberated Jerusalem” is a special and unusual record recorded by Yankale Rotblit in 78.

The album contains subversive texts, full of social and political criticism, standing up to the most established institutions of society. Such a record has never been heard in popular music in Israel before.

The texts in this album are perhaps the most powerful and honest ones he has produced until his recent work with “Ha’hatzer Ha’ahorit”.

A new one-time performance will take place here in the Yellow Submarine.

Artistic manager – Shaanan Streett

Participating – Geva Alon, Alma Zohar, Michael Greilsammer, Liron Amram, Elran Dekel, Pele Ozen, Yonatan Blumenfeld and Yankale Rotblit.

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