Isadora & Flora

A new pop – electronic evening:

FLORA – Liron Meshulam with her the third album (first Hebrew album)

ISADORA – Pop electronic trio


The ensemble combines precise musical arrangements, catchy loops and penetrating words and presents fresh pop songs that stand out in the musical landscape. The charming charisma of the ensemble’s soloist, Isadora Kaufman, accompanied by musical production of producer and composer Dotan Moshonov and drummer and creator Yaron Goren create a live combination of pop music with synthesizers, electronic bits and hypnotic sounds.


Singer, producer and producer Liron Meshulam, known as Flora, continues her tour after the release of her new album “Makom”, her third album (first Hebrew album).

The album has received warm responses and embraced by the media and has been played on radio stations throughout the country.

In recent years, Flora has performed throughout Israel, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Japan, South Korea, London and New York.

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