Hullegeb Israeli-Ethiopian Arts Festival, Closing Performance: Afro Baghdad Express

Two of the most beloved artists of Confederation House’s flagship festivals—saxophonist and vocalist Abate Barihun of the Hullegab Festival and musician Yair Dalal of the Oud Festival, join together with Israeli bass player Yossi Fein.

The three will sing their songs in surprising new arrangements. Ethiopian-born Abate Barihun also appears in the festival in the opening with Ethiopian vocalist Getish Mamo and the Tesafe Ensemble. Dalal is an international artist, a pioneer of the ethnic music scene in Israel and abroad, whose compositions combine Jewish and Arab musical traditions. Yossi Fein is one of the most successful Israeli musicians internationally, with his own groundbreaking and original musical idiom. Fein has played with Lou Reed, David Bowie and Brian Eno, has produced albums for Shabak Samekh and Hadag Nahash, and brought dub music to Israeli audiences.

Abate Barihun, saxophone, vocals; Yossi Fein, guitar; Yair Dalal, oud, violin, vocals; Ben Eilon, percussion; Adoniya Gowada, masenko, krar, vocals

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