Hullegeb Israeli-Ethiopian Arts Festival: Strong Black Coffee

The Israeli-Ethiopian hip-hop rap duo Strong Black Coffee—Aylek Sahalo and Ori Elmo—celebrates a new performance presenting songs from the duo’s new second album.

In 2013 the duo, which brought hip-hop to Hebrew, released a series of brilliant clips that got millions of views and had three tours in the US. As always, Strong Black Coffee spices its songs with powerful messages relate to racism in Israeli society, but does not forgo an optimistic and entertaining joie de vivre.

Ori Elmo and Aylek Sahalo, vocals; Asi Peretz, keyboard; Raanan Fogel, guitar; Yoni Lifschits, drums; Uri Chaplan, bass; D.J. Moshik, dj and scratching; Ido Maimon, saxophone; Tal Sivan, sound; Meir Hayon, lighting

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