African Groove: Gili Yalo & Hoodna Orchestra

Gili Yalo’s new project combines Ethiopian roots music with soul, funk, psychedelic and jazz music.


He incorporates sounds from traditional Ethiopian music into a contemporary music production. The result is an exceptional, rich, vivid melody accompanied by Gili’s unique vocals with lyrics in English and Amharic. Gili Yalo’s charisma and positive energy on stage gets the crowd up and dancing in no time!

Hoodna Orchestra

The Hoodna Orchestra is a 12 member orchestra who studies and investigates the African origins of western popular music. The Orchestra was formed in 2012, in the south side of Tel Aviv, by a group of musicians, and it functions as a collective and a record label.

Hoodna’s musical director is The Guitarist and composer Ilan Smilan. The cultural and musical environment that surrounds the group has a great effect on its creative process.  Exposure to Ethiopian’, Eritrean and Arabic musical traditions, coupled with an ongoing study and exploration of different  jazz styles, creates a unique blend which has made The Hoodna Orchestra one of the most appreciated and sought-after live shows in Israel.

Between 2012 and 2015, The orchestra played every major festival in Israel, as well as all the main venues around the country.

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