Yagel Harush and “Shir Yedidut” Ensemble

Breaking Dawn- from the Moroccan Jewry’s Mystical night songs-Bakashot. The Bakashot of the Jews of Morocco is one of the riches Piyut and composition traditions in the Israel Tradition.

In the winter nights a group of poets, singers and songwriters came together and sang the most beautiful love songs written in Hebrew till the break of dawn.

Yagel Harush and the “Shir Yedidut” ensemble give new meaning to ancient Piyutim. Alongside embedding folk and western harmony melodies they strive to conserve the gentle unique sound of the mystic middle eastern music. The vision is reviving one of the richest poetic and music masses in the Hebrew culture. The performance strives to include the audience as an inseparable part of the ensemble and the venue- to a house of prayer.

The performance reserves the original structure of the Bakashot- it grows stronger and louder as the night recedes before dawn, darkness to light, exile to the light of Zion.  As does the album. A number of musicians took part in the making of the album. Amongst others David D’or, Erez Lev Ari And Yishai Rivo.

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