HipHop @ The Submarine: KILLIN H8 (Hila The Killa & Sir KN8) & Pele-Ozen

Pele-Ozen – Original Hip Hop Crew based in Tel-Aviv & Jerusalem, spreading vibes of revolution, peace and love with unique style and groove.

HILA THE KILLA and SIR KN8 announce the first release under their new found collective moniker KILLIN H8; “Body Hair” promotes body positivity and not being afraid of being yourself. The video for the track will be premiering officially at the Berlin Music Video Awards in May 2017.

SIR KN8 and HILA THE KILLA are a hip-hop duo based in NYC. The core of their music is humorous and philosophical lyricism, expressing deep thoughts with light hearts on optimistic, early-90’s-inspired beats.

They are both independent artists in their own right (Sir Kn8 as a rapper/producer, Hila the Killa as a rapper/comic/performance artist), and have lately been collaborating on stages and recording projects. Sir Kn8 builds beats live with a sampler wearing a colorful onesie, while Hila the Killa dances and does handstands and other acrobatics, amidst which they pass the mic and go song for song rapping.

It sounds like if a combination of Saul Williams and Gift of Gab made twin babies with a combination of Queen Latifah and Sarah Silverman, and those babies grew up listening to De La Soul (which such babies probably would anyway).

The duo performs regularly in Brooklyn and Manhattan, where they’ve shared stages with Hemlock Ernst (Samuel Herring of Future Islands), Sasheer Zamata (SNL), Roy Wood, Jr. (The Daily Show), Carolyn Castiglia and Jamal/ Ivy League (producer for Majesticons and Mike Ladd).

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