Showcase Party

4 days with the best live concerts in Israel!

Day 3 – Showcase Festival Jazz & World Music @

 “Barby” TLV, Night concerts

Quarter To Africa – Gili Yalo – Ramzailech – TATRAN

International Music Showcase Festival

8 days with the best bands and ensembles in Israel!

Jazz | World Music | Rock | Indie

November 2016

International showcase events are used to expose the best Israeli music ensembles to international decision makers from the field.

The International showcase Music Festival is a project of the Yellow Submarine, in cooperation with the Cultural and Scientific Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

The Festival takes place in:

Jerusalem– YELLOW SUBMARINE | “HaMiffal”

Tel Aviv- “Barby” | “The Zone”

 (concerts price – 35 Nis  (for a full session –

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