A Look Toward the Future: Yossi Fein with Adi Adoniya, Hava Hawan Mshasha and Oshrat Masala

Bass player, guitarist and international producer Yossi Fein presents the future generation of Israeli-Ethiopian female singers, just before they appear on major stages in Israel and abroad.

Fein, known for his active collaboration with Lou Reed, David Bowie and Brian Eno, as well as Shalom Hanoch, Ofra Haza and Hadag Nahash, will appear with Adi Adoniya, Hava Hawan Mshasha and Oshrat Masala. They were born in Israel to families that immigrated from Ethiopia, and the Israeli element in their musical personalities colors their Ethiopian roots in surprising and refreshingly bright hues. Each of them takes a distinct direction: Adoniya, who appeared with Gili Yalu, continues to develop the heritage of Israeli vocalist-composers; Hawan Mshasha presents her Ethio-reggae vision; and Masala loves to sing and interpret jazz songs.

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