Jimbo J And Spa Band | Rap And Spoken Word | Opening Act: BeatNik

Jimbo J (Omer Habaron) is a rapper, actor and Spoken-Word artist. His debut album “Come Before Me” produced by Itzik Petzeczti and Roee Doron, was loved by the crowds.

On stage, Jimbo and the band mix spoken word with reggae, rap and electric guitars, in a surprising and groovy performance.

In addition to his solo career, Jimbo J is currently one of the most significant creators in the Israeli hip-hop scene: he advises other rap artists, has a leading role and wrote for the rap musical “This City”, and one of the first poets to take part in Poetri Salam evenings, the phenomenon that has found its way into every home in Israel.

The musical production of the album shows respect to words, emphasizing Jimbo’s unique and meticulous way with the Hebrew language and his virtuoso rap. The arrangements range from rap to rock to pop and are a joyous, groovy celebration.

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