Heads Up Festival

Do you fell sometimes there’s just not enough of what you love? That you don’t have a place to be at, or feel like yourselves? So rase your heads up!

Five alternative bands from three cities for one night of what is so missing in Jerusalem – alternative culture! From new grunge to Gaggy funk, from darkness to sweet sorrow, you name it.

Daisy’s Fasulia

In today’s reality, when the freedom of speech and art are in danger, Daisy’s Fasulia emerged to the world. Art can come in many shapes, this time it comes in the shape of gaggy.

Gunned Down Horses

Haifa based theatrical rock band. Dark and cabaret-ish rock meets the soundtrack of westerns, in an impulsive and adventurous sound.

Fixed Stars

A Jerusalem based power trio, using post grunge and dark alternative rock to face our demons and solve our frustration.

Bare dreams

After recording their 2nd EP in England, with the producer Neil Kennedy, and over 40 shows last year in Israel and abroad, Bare Dreams are coming to Jerusalem!

Selfish Shepherd

Selfish Shepherd, a unique sounding grunge meets 21st century sound. The band released its debut album in late 2016 and released 4 successful singles.

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