Jazz @ The Submarine: The LAB Orchestra LIVE 2018 | “Tabula Rasa” by Stephen Horenstein

The LAB Orchestra is a New Music Super Ensemble that plays Compositions and Real Time Composition by the Conductor, Composer and Musical Director, Dr. Stephen Horenstein with creative contributions from the players. Special Guest Artist, David Bindman (New York, USA)

This orchestra of new generation musicians plays a unique music, full of energy and risk-taking, based on unusual notation and gestures from the conductor, as well as their own creativity.  The group is build from a range of instruments: percussion, winds, and electric…breaks barriers and full of surprises!  Built on a tradition of the creative large ensemble (Bill Dixon, Cecil Taylor, Charles Mingus, Charles Ives), the music portrays a journey through new vistas of sound, rhythm and energy.

 “A high energy experience which leaves you riveted to your seat!

The Lab Orchestra:

Tal Abraham, trumpet

Mattan Yerushalmi -alto saxophone

David Bindman-tenor saxophone

Eyal Netzer- tenor saxophone

Bob Trachtenberg –  baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Gil Saadah-  trombone

Michael Roessler-bassoon

Tom Klein- cello

Milton Michaeli-piano, keyboards

Or Sinay – acoustic bass, percussion

Shay Hazan- acoustic bass

Haim Peskoff-drums

Stephen Horenstein- conductor, soprano saxophone

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