Guy Mezig & The New Black – THE SHOW IS CANCELED

Guy is one the most active musicians in the region. From “Ha-Dorbanim” – a band created with his brother making little history in Israel in the early 2000’s through producing and preforming in countless projects and collaborations with leading Israeli artists and groups like-

“Cavverret”, Shlomo Gronich, Danny Sanderson and “Ha Gashash Ha Hivver”. Guy’s magic touch is felt in all of his doings and helped him become a leaader in the world of music production. In this album Guy gives life to his vision to expose Israeli ears to real soul music and in Hebrew. In recent years many genres made it past the ocean and were interpreted by local artist from Electro to Rebetiko and Hip-Hop to Americana. It is now the time of Soul. The show will include hits from the days of the “Dorbanim” and songs from the exceptional “New Black”.