Lo Standartim” project in coperation with Mira Awad – Students Only

The show is Cancelled

Mira Awad, singer, songwriter and actress. Born 1975 in Rameh village in the Galilee (Israel) to a Palestinian father and Bulgarian mother, currently living in Tel-Aviv.

Mira is a multidisciplinary international performer, as singer she collaborated with many international artists: Noa, Idan Raichel, Andrea Boccelli, Bobby Mc’Ferrin and others. As composer, Mira developed a unique fusion of sounds, combining the East with the West, weaving the Arabic language and it’s oriental ornaments with Western harmonies.

Mira is very much identified with the agenda of dialogue and co-existence, she’s a relentless peace activist who believes in anti-violence activity to build bridges towards resolutions.

“Lo Standartim” project, conducted and arranged by pianist-composer Tomer Bar, has hosted a hand full of Israel’s leading artists and is preparing a great new show for you to enjoy.

“This music, with its entrancing sensuality accentuated by the singer’s guttural crooning, was intensely seductive, and I felt drawn into its mysterious spell.” Stephen Holden, New-York Times.