The Yellow Submarine is the perfect place to hold your party or event!

With the best staff and with professional equipment of the highest quality, The Yellow Submarine is the right venue to celebrate any social event, either private or corporate.  We are pleased to offer full amenities:

* Stage

* Dance Floor

* Catering facilities

* Balcony

* Lounge areas

* Various menus

* Full Bar

Full Sound & Lighting Equipment  provided:

* DJ Set

* 2 projectors and screens (rear stage, lobby)

* Full Amplifier System  (including backline amps)

* Full high-tech lighting system  with controls/design

The Yellow Submarine provides services for the creative set up and technical production of your event:

From world music to jazz ensembles, cover shows, stand up, DJ’s, popular bands, and well-known musicians.

The Yellow Submarine’s talented crew of skilled professionals, musicians, and experienced management staff will smoothly handle all the details of your event, large and small.

The Yellow Submarine handles all types of  private and corporate events:

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, conferences and corporate parties; events for businesses both large and small, for government agencies, and both public and private foundations.

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