Atcha Bar – Manager

Born in 1964, Atcha is a graduate of  the Musicians Institute of California, located in Los Angeles.  He began his musical career as an avid guitar player,  and  went on to become a music producer and manager of many famous Israeli artists and musicians.

Born in Jerusalem, Atcha started out playing in his high school rock band (with author Gadi Taub).  While serving in the IDF,  jazz became his new creative focus, and after meeting the  pianist Avi Adrian, they formed the band Keshet, along with drummer Oren Fried and bassist Yorai Oron (later replaced by Victor Azus of the band Atraf).

After studying at the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, Atcha returned to his native Israel in 1991.  He  went on to produce  Yankale Rotblit’s concert, following the release of Rotblit’s fourth album,  “Michtavim M’Bayit  (Letters from Home)”.

Atcha was the guitarist for the popular Miki Gavrielov, playing through the launch of five albums, and for five years was the music manager of the well-known Israeli singer Gali Atari.

Concurrently, Atcha, in partnership with artist Itay Rosenbaum, established Tararam Studios, a successful venture that produced many jingles and recorded soundtracks for films and television (including the television series, ” Bat Yam, New York”).  Tararam Studios also produced the work of  the well-known singer Ilana Eliya.

Atcha has been the very busy manager of The Yellow Submarine since 1997.  He produced the tribute show to Yankale Rotblit during the 1999 Israel Festival, formed The Yellow Submarine Ensemble, and, in collaboration with Itay Rosenbaum, The Jerusalem Foundation and the Ministry of Education, established the Music Education Department of The Yellow Submarine.  Atcha, along with Yoav Shedmah, also established the School of Sound Engineering.  Through various programs and projects,  Atcha Bar has launched and produced the careers of many well-known artists, including Merav Siman Tov, Amir Klugman, Shira Z., Carmel, and others.

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Yaron Mohar – Technical Manager

Yaron Mohar is a talented musician and sound technician.  He has played in many jazz ensembles, hip-hop and funk bands.  As a sound technician, Yaron has recorded numerous albums of all musical genres.
Besides being the technical manager of The Yellow Submarine, Yaron is the director of the School of Sound Engineering and is an instructor of the Music Education Department.

Hadas Vanunu – Program coordinator

Hadas is the dynamic 31-year-old Concert & Club Manager who has been at The Yellow Submarine since 2003.

After completing her Bachelor’s Degree  (while waitressing at The Yellow Submarine), Hadas decided to take matters into her own two hands and joined the management team of The Yellow Submarine.  Hadas closely follows what’s happening across the various music scenes in Jerusalem and her passionate hope is that Jerusalem will continue to develop as a strong center for culture and the arts.

Ben Peretz – Sound Technician

Ben Peretz, 25, a native Jerusalemite, is a musician, instructor, saxophone player and sound technician.  He is a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance  High School.

Ben has been a popular saxophone player for well over a decade,  having performed both in Israel and abroad, has been a guest on Israel radio and has appeared on television.

Due to his strong musical talents,  Ben was selected to play in a military band during his IDF service.

Ben is a graduate of the Yoav Gera School of Sound, located in Tel Aviv.

Nir Weinstein – Instructor, Director of the Youth Bands Project

Nir Weistein, 33, musician, creator, producer, and  music instructor, has 15 years of solid experience teaching and working with youth in music.  He founded the legendary rock bank “Cabaret Metali (The Metallic Cabaret)”.

Nir is the director and instructor of  the Youth Bands Project, a flagship project of The Yellow Submarine, The Jerusalem Foundation, and the Jerusalem Municipality that supports music for youths.

The Youth Bands Project holds auditions at the beginning of each school year, and the six bands that are accepted into the program gain experience and knowledge in playing, producing, composing, and using professional equipment.  The project  places great emphasis on combining studies with exposure and participation in events and recording that takes place at The Yellow Submarine.

Alex Liebman – Sound Technician

Alex Liebman’s very heart and soul is into music and into sound engineering, which is a great part of his life, both professionally and personally.  He has been working in the field for over ten years, and is the soloist and manager of the band Funks.  The band produces and records their material in Alex’s home recording studio.

Alex also imports DJ sets and recording studio equipment

He is currently studying at The Hebrew University for a degree in computer engineering and applied physics.

Creating music, however, remains his greatest passion, for which he is always ready to give his all.

Shachar Bareket – Lighting Designer

Shachar has been working backstage since 2008,  has much professional experience working in lighting labs, and has been a Lighting Designer for dance troupes and the theater.

Sivan Shenhav – Director of the Music Education Department

Sivan Shenhav is a pianist and musical composer.  Sivan graduated from Alon High School in Ramat HaSharon, a magnet school for music, where she teaches today.  Sivan  was a pianist and musical director for the IDF military bands, and went on to earn her multidisciplinary B.A. at the Jerusalem Academy of Music, under the guidance of Chaim Fremont, and her M.A. in music composition from Trinity College of Music in London, under the guidance of Andrew Poppy and Steven Montague.  Sivan has extensive experience teaching music theory, harmony, musical hearing development, music history, and piano.


Currently, besides teaching at The Yellow Submarine,  Sivan is busy composing music, writing songs, and working on projects in collaboration with other artists.
Sivan is truly a multitalented artist who composes and works with artists of all disciplines within the performing arts – theater, dance, film, poetry, vocal ensembles, orchestras, chamber orchestras and Big Band –  with her signature style being a fusion of classic, jazz and easy listening.

Sivan has won numerous scholarships, including those from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, The Anglo-Jewish Association, as well as merit scholarships and commendations during her studies, including the Dean’s Scholarship from the Jerusalem Academy of Music.  Her work has been featured in many concerts and festivals and has been performed by various artists across Israel and the UK.

Dotan Moshanov – Instructor of the Music Education Department

Born in 1984 in Tel Aviv.

Isadora music producer , composer keyboardist and guitarist.

Moshanov graduated from the department of Multidisciplinary Composition at the Israel Academy of Music.

Founded and produced several musicl bands in Israel.

In recent years Dotan has showcased his original music, performing in numerous festivals  stages around Europe with his several Electro rock bands – “Noria” “Sodabeat” “Kitsu”and  “Isadora”

Moshanov has been praised for the various symphonic arrangements he collaborated with local leading musicians such as,  Asaf Avidan ,Beri Sakharof and Arkadi Duchin.

Moshe Gutman – Bouncer

Moshe Gutman is a well known personality of the Jerusalem night life.  There isn’t a single club owner that would pass up on the chance of having Moshe at their event, because, well, Moshe doesn’t mess around- when he’s there, things go as they should.

With his charismatic beard, colorful pins and distinctive ”ride”, Moshe is a much-appreciated and indispensible part of  The Yellow Submarine.

Moshe Gutman has been with The Yellow Submarine for so many years that some say he is the one  that actually runs things. It’s certainly not far from reality!

Harel “MacGyver” Teitelbaum – Sound Technician

Harel has been nicknamed MacGyver – and for a pretty good reason: he is determined, hardworking and focused, and can pretty much create the best sound on demand, with nothing more than a piece of gum, a can of soda and a clothespin.

Besides that, he is an engineering student and all around great guy.

Michal Sachek Cohen – Morning Secretary

Michal Sachek Cohen  is the morning secretary of The Yellow Submarine.  With the  fresh enthusiasm of a teenager, full of life and energy,  Michal is the very heart and soul of The Yellow Submarine.