Just imagine yourself sitting in a professional recording studio, with the latest sound equipment at your very fingertips…

The Yellow Submarine School of Sound Engineering offers an intensive course in a unique learning style that is designed to give you the maximum knowledge and practical experience during your academic year.  During your course of study here, you will already be producing professional sound work!

The School of Sound Engineering  will give you the right skills to advance in the music industry.

Who should participate?

The course program, developed by recording engineers, sound men, top music producers and professional educators, is designed to meet the needs of participants from various backgrounds, experienced or not,  who want to improve their knowledge, their skills, and keep up to date with the latest musical production techniques.  The course is designed for musicians, for commercial and private studio owners, and for all those who want to develop their skills in the field of professional sound engineering.

School Philosophy

The main purpose of the school is to teach the creative use of recording equipment and professional musical enhancement and production.  This is accomplished by a highly effective combination of lectures, studio practice and  hands-on experience, with emphasis on personal involvement and commitment, including the student’s dedication to homework.

Our unique curriculum places the student in a professional environment from the very first day.  Practical experience is gained quickly. Training workshops are held in very small groups, providing each student with strong experience in operating the equipment -from the second class onward.

The program provides students with the knowledge and expertise required to perform a wide range of tasks required for professional studio recording.   The practical experience obtained during the course of the program instills in each student a strong sense of confidence and the right skills needed for success in a recording studio.

Three basic principles outline the goals and high standards of the School of Sound Engineering of The Yellow Submarine:

1. Providing students with practical experience using state-of-the-art equipment:
Lectures, books and seminars cannot provide all the necessary skills needed in such a rich and creative field as sound technology.  There is no substitution for practical experience!  The course offered at The Yellow Submarine takes the student out of the classroom and into the realm of real recording sessions.  During their course of study, students are encouraged to participate in recording the performances and events that take place live and on site at The Yellow Submarine!  Using the  latest technology, students will practice, work and record in The Yellow Submarine’s professional recording studio and in a practice room specifically designed for this course of study.

2.  The course takes place in one of the most active and prominent music venues in the country:
The Yellow Submarine is one of Israel’s leading hotspots for performances and recordings.   The very best of Israel’s artists have appeared and performed at The Yellow Submarine,  including Barry Sakharov, Rami Fortis, Yoni Rechter, Shlomi Shaban, Daniel Zamir, Hadag Nahash, Marsh Dondurma, Asaf Avidan, and many more.
The recording studios, rehearsal studio and the performance stage hall are all equipped with full amenities, including professional lighting and state-of-the-art sound system.

The Yellow Submarine not only prepares students to deal with the real world – The Yellow Submarine is the real world.

3.   A professional team of instructors and lecturers that are concurrently active in their field of expertise:
Our staff consists of the best professionals, recording engineers, and musical producers.  Our staff ensures that students at The Yellow Submarine learn and practice the most up to date and relevant material necessary to succeed in the music industry of today and tomorrow.

The course is held once a week over the course of eight months.

For further information, please contact The Yellow Submarine office at: 02-679-4040 or contact us

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