Music Education Program

The Music Education Department offers an exclusive program geared specifically for high school students in the Jerusalem area who have strong musical ambitions.  The Music Education Department works in partnership with The Yellow Submarine, one of the most well-known music venues in Israel.

Music is one of the available electives for the ‘bagrut‘, or Israeli high school matriculation exam, and students of the Music Education Department can accumulate 5 units toward their matriculation, or even 10 units should they choose the recital track.

The Schedule

Classes are held twice a week, each class being 3 hours long, the program lasting three years.  Sophomore classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays from 4:00p.m. -7:00p.m., and Junior and Senior level classes meet twice a week:  once a week for class, and once a week for band rehearsals.

The Program

Our program covers all aspects of music education- music theory, harmony, musical hearing development, solfege, rhythm and musical analysis – through a variety of interesting musical projects. The program maintains a hands-on approach that stresses practical application of the study material – each subject is developed on the student’s personal level through playing, writing, improvisation, singing and reading music.  At the completion of the program, students perform onstage in The Yellow Submarine’s professional performance hall.

What’s special about this program?

The program encourages appreciation of all musical styles.  Each student is encouraged to focus on and develop his/her own personal style while gaining experience,  knowledge and deep grasp of different musical genres.  Classes are held on the performance stage of The Yellow Submarine, are very hands-on,  with the use of  musical instruments, and are conducted with high academic standards and in a truly professional environment. The program integrates students from all different regional high schools into the same class, encouraging diversity and allowing each student a great freedom of personal expression.. The program culminates in a biannual public performance.

Who can participate?

The program is geared toward high school students in the Jerusalem area who have committed to private music lessons in singing, composing, or playing an instrument, and who have successfully passed the Music Education Department’s audition and entrance exam.  Authorization is required from the student’s high school, as well as from their private music tutor. All students must commit to continuing their private music lessons in singing, composing, or playing in order to participate in the program.

Who should participate ?

This program is meant for any dedicated student who enjoys music and is ready to work hard to expand their knowledge and practical mastery of music theory, develop their musical hearing and talent, gain mastery of the musical instrument,  develop musical capability and composition skills, and much more. Students are required to study regularly and practice daily in preparation for class.

Entrance Exams

Starting in April, entrance exams will be held where the student will be requested to audition, be tested for their musical ”ear”, and have a personal interview.  Besides the preparation of two musical pieces for the audition, no preparation is necessary; the exam is designed to evaluate each student’s progress potential and compatibility for class participation and the class band.

So, meanwhile…?

Make sure to choose a good music instructor/tutor,  practice daily, develop your music reading and listening skills, and of course, surround yourself with plenty of great music!

For further information, please contact The Yellow Submarine office at: 02-679-4040 (ext 2) or contact us


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